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AgBMP Loan Program

The Ag Best Management Practices (AgBMP) Loan Program provides low interest financing to farmers, agriculture supply businesses and rural landowners to encourage agriculture best management practices that prevent or reduce non-point source pollution identified in the local water plan.  The plan reduces existing water quality problems caused by agricultural activities, helps the County implement the local water plan and can be used to fund the private portion of projects partially funded by state or federal cost-share or other sources of funding.

The AgBMP Loan Program allows local governments the flexibility needed to address specific local water quality concerns.  The local loan fund is jointly administered by the Fillmore SWCD and local lenders.

Loans for:

*  Feedlot improvements, manure storage basins and spreading equipment

*  Conservation tillage equipment

*  Terraces, waterways, sediment basins

*  Septic systems

*  Variable Rate Technology

*  Well Relocation & Sealing

*  Secondary fuel containment

*  Other projects that improve water quality

The AgBMP Loan Program provides financing at below-market rates.  These 3% low-interest loans save you money making it more economical to implement practices.

Local Participating Lenders:

Compeer Financial

Mechants Bank - Lanesboro/Rushford

MinnWest - Mabel

F & M Community Bank - Preston

First Farmers & Merchants State Bank - Grand Meadow

First National Bank - Spring Valley and LeRoy

First Southeast Bank - Harmony/Canton

First State Bank Minnesota - Spring Valley and LeRoy

First State Bank of Fountain

Root River State Bank - Chatfield

Rushford State Bank - Rushford                                                                                                                     

Potential borrowers should contact the Fillmore SWCD to apply or for more information about loan availability.






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