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2020 Conservationists of the Year

By Dean Thomas


The Fillmore Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) is proud to announce that Gary and Josh Eisenman, of Chatfield, have been chosen as the 2020 Fillmore County Outstanding Conservationists.


The Eisenman's farm 600 acres of corn, soybeans, oats, hay and cover crops on both owned and rented land in Jordan Township. Gary started strip tilling back in 2000 on his corn and soybean ground and converted to 100% no-till in 2019. The Eisenman's have done cover crops through NRCS (EQIP) and SWCD programs and continue to use them on their corn silage and soybean acres. They sometimes harvest their cover crop (Winter Cereal Rye) in the spring for forage if needed and weather permits for their beef cows.


Pictured: Josh Eisenman, Cooper Eisenman, Gary Eisenman


The Eisenman's have 40 cow/calf pairs that are rotational grazed on a three week cycle through the summer. Calves are weaned in the fall and put in the feedlot where they are backgrounded and marketed at a later time. Cows are wintered on corn stalks and spend no time in a feedlot.


Their 25 acres of woodland which they do tree trimming, tree harvest and planting according to a private forester's forest plan. Also Gary is starting to do beehives and is looking into planting some pollinator plants to attract bees. Also by having cover crops that provide good wildlife habitat and protection in the winter and spring months



Gary is a former Jordan Township Supervisor, VFW Life member Honor Guard, Memorial Rifle Squad State Cemetery, Township Zoning board. Josh is currently a Jordan Township Supervisor.


The Fillmore SWCD congratulates Gary and Josh Eisenman on their conservation efforts!



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