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Other Special Projects -

Lost Creek Hiking Trail

Click here to view photos of the Forestry Field Day at Lost Creek Hiking Trail on July 23, 2013.

Click here to view the brochure of Forestry Practices and Features Along the Lost Creek Hiking Trail.

For futher information on each of the practices and features highlighted in the brochure, click on the topics listed below.

Long Term Effects of Timber Stand Improvement Swing-Away Bridge
Salvage Logging Cottonwood and Willow Pole Planting
Current Timber Stand Improvement Experimental Treatment to Control Reed Canary Grass
Decorah Shale Edge Direct Tree Seeding
Culling by Girdling Blue Bird Houses
Water Bars & Cross Sloped Trail Strip Tillage
Wolf Trees Left for Habitat Clear Cuts
Silvopasture with Walnuts Karst Landscape
Hardwood Tree Seedling Planting Rotational Grazing
Sustainable Harvesting Hay in Crop Rotations
Tree Protection - Tree Tubes and Bud Capping Erosion Control Structure
Erosion Control Steps  

Bluff Country Hiking Club website link

Hardwood Reforestation in a Creek Valley Dominated by Reed Canary Grass

                                                                                                                     by Tim and Susan Gossman

A creek valley reforestation experiment is being conducted by Tim and Susan Gossman on their family farm in Jordan Township, Fillmore County, near Chatfield, Minnesota.  A grant was received from the Minnesota Department of Agriculture through their Sustainable Agriculture Demonstration Grant Program to assist in this research.  They have received support from the Fillmore Soil and Water Conservation District and the Department of Natural Resources Forestry Office in Preston, Minnesota.

Creek valley dominated by Reed Canary Grass (RCG) A mowed path through the Reed Canary Grass shows how tall and thick it can be if not controlled.  Mowed paths provide access to all areas of the farm. Walnut trees in creek valley with natural understory of native shrubs, grasses and forbs.

Click here for project details.

Resources and Links


Contact your local DNR Forester and county Soil and Water Conservation District for information on aerial farm maps, prescribed burning, direct tree seeding, purchasing tree seedlings, and weed control in your tree planting.

In addition you may find the information on these websites useful.

State of Minnesota Sustainable Agriculture Demonstration Grant Program

Direct Seeding Hardwood Trees

Seed Collecting –

Reed Canary Grass Control –  The recommended best management practices are summarized on pages 92, 93 and 94.

Cottonwood and Willow Pole Planting -  Though not local, this website provides basic information about pole planting in riparian areas.  Although I am aware of local work being done with planting willow poles, I was unable to find any literature on this and I am not aware of any local research on cottonwood pole planting.


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