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State Cost Share

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BWSR State Cost Share Grant for FY2010

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State Cost-Share Program                

The Fillmore SWCD annually receives cost-share funds from the Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources to assist landowners with implementation of erosion control practices.

Eligible practices include grassed waterways, terraces, water and sediment control basins, grade stabilization structures, diversions, and contour strip cropping.  Farmstead windbreaks are no longer an eligible practice in Fillmore County. 

Assistance Available - The SWCD is able to cost-share 75% of the total cost not to exceed $6,000 cost share for the eligible practice.  The SWCD will provide technical assistance with the survey and design and assist with the implementation of the erosion control practice.

Criteria for Assistance - There must be a current erosion control problem and the proposed practice must treat the existing erosion problem.  The practice to be installed must meet SWCD standards and specifications.  Cost share is authorized where at least 75% of the contributing watershed controlled by the land occupier has the appropriate cultural, management, or structural practices in place (or scheduled to be installed) to stabilize sources of sediment and reduce surface water runoff.

Ineligible For Cost-Share - Landowners and land occupiers are ineligible for cost share on work that is started or completed prior to cost-share contract approval by the district board.

Click here for information about cost share for sealing wells.

Feedlot Program                                 

In Fillmore County there are approximately 1,100 registered feedlots.  Registration started in 2000 and still continues today with new feedlots as farmers realize the importance of protecting their interests.  

The County Feedlot Officer will make an initial visit to your site and determine if there is a pollution problem. He will then run an evaluation program that will objectively evaluate the potential pollution problems from the feedlot.  The evaluation will be used to develop a plan, cost estimate and cost-share options that can be used to find a workable solution to the runoff problem that will meet state standards and also work for the producer.

What are some possible fixes?  The list is endless as to what can be done to fix a site.  The main objective is to control and treat the runoff and be able to utilize the manure as fertilizer for crops.  Examples of possible practices include clean water diversions, roof gutters, picket fences, catch boxes, filter/buffer strips, reduction of lot size, manure storage, and roof structures.  One practice or a combination of several practices may be used to fix a site.

Catchbox with picket
Roof Structure
Clean Water Diversion

How do I pay for fixes that are needed at the feedlot site?  Depending on the level of fix that is needed, there are different cost share options available.  To be eligible for cost-share, there has to be an existing pollution problem that is being corrected.  Before beginning any work, you will need to sign up for the cost-share dollars and ensure they are available.  When all work is completed, turn in your receipts and you will be reimbursed for the eligible costs of the project. 

For more informatio, contact Anne Koliha at the SWCD office or call her at (507) 765-3878 Ext. 3.


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